The Principles of Faith

Faith means believing, it means having the assurance that your desired aims and ambitions will become real, but however, the bible defined faith In Hebrews 11 vs 1 as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, for by it the elders obtained a good report. Faith is a substance, it is something you can feel, and it is something you can have, it is a gift, that is why the bible called it a substance, and by this substance, the elders, and the prophets of old achieved a notable report. Faith is a life style, and not everyone is aware of this lifestyle, because it takes a spiritual man to have faith, especially when faced with difficulties. Faith has its own rules, and when you are able to live by those rules, your victory will become evident. Now what are these principles?

Patience:  Patience means ease, it means calmness when faced with difficulties or negativity. Faith and patience work together, when you have faith, it must be followed with patience, and that is the only way you will have result, and that is why James 1 vs 3 says. Knowing this that the trying of your faith worketh patience, but let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect, and entire wanting nothing. Patience matter so much in life, and when you are someone who doesn’t have patience, you will find it difficult to practice the life of faith, because faith requires patience. When faced with difficulties in life, exercising patience is very important because without patience you cannot achieve anything that you have set out to achieve, and because the bible says in Hebrews seeing we also are compassed about with a great cloud of witness, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, this is what faith needs, patience to wait for the promise that is set before us, this is what we need to do as Christians, having patience so we can achieve the goals that is set before us, and having patience is one of the principles for faith to work for us.

 Courage means boldness, it means   fearlessness to perform certain act, which is what God wants from us, He wants us to be courageous, because that is the only way faith can work for us, courage means having the boldness to carry out set out plans and goals, that is why the bible says in the Deuteronomy 31 vs 6 be strong and of good courage, fear not nor be afraid of them, for it is the Lord your God that will go before you, He will not fail you neither will he forsake you. Having courage in life is very important because without courage you cannot achieve most things you set out to achieve, courage work with faith, because if you are courageous, it shows that you have faith, having courage in life makes you want to do things that ordinarily you cannot do because courage brings freedom, and courage is confidence, that is why God wants us to have courage so we can stand trials.

Another principle of faith is Confidence. Confidence means boldness. When we are confident despite difficulties and challenges, it becomes easy for us to come out victoriously, so it is important that we are confident at all times.  When you Study the life of Peter and Paul in the scripture, you will realize that when peter preached with boldness and confidence,  in Act 2 vs 41 the bible said three thousand souls were added to the church, and fear came upon every soul, and many signs and wonders were done by the apostles. The boldness and confidence with which peter preached made three thousand souls to give their life to Christ, they were convinced that Jesus Christ is the lord of their life, and fear came upon them because the gospel was preached with authority .Most times, having a lot of confidence can make us achieve certain things that we should not have achieve ordinarily, that is why confidence is important, and also confidence can also make our faith work that is why God wants us to have confidence even when faced with difficulty, because confidence in God can make our faith work.

Joy is another principle of faith. Now what is Joy, Joy means happiness and gladness of heart Joy works with faith, but not every child of God is able to understand this. As Christians, we need to have Joy when faced with difficulty, our faith has to work with Joy, though it sounds difficult most times to tell someone who is faced with difficulty to be Joyful, that person would rather prefer to achieve what he has set out to achieve before he can be Joyful, this should not be the case, God wants us to be Joyful no matter what we face, He wants us to be rest assured that He God can fight for us, and cause us to triumph, so we can be Joyful. This is His dream for mankind He wants all of His children to put their faith in Him, He wants them to recognize the fact that He is a faith filled God, and that faith is what He has given to the world through Jesus Christ, because He God first of all exercise His faith by sending His son Jesus Christ in to the world, in order words, He sent Jesus Christ in to the world believing that Jesus Christ would bring the whole world to Him through salvation, so that as many that would believe in Him, they will have to live by faith and not by sight, because faith is the victory,  and the bible says in 1 John 5 vs 4,  for whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world even our faith, faith is our victory in Christ Jesus, so we need to live by faith every day for that is Gods desire for us, He wants us to keep pleasing Him so we can experience His blessings, this is what we should do as Christians, exercising our faith at all times, and in every situation, so we can always come out strong at all times, and faith in God at all times and in every situation is what we need as Christians, for God is a faith filled God, and we can only relate with Him through faith, that is why the scripture says whosever that beliveth in Him shall not be ashamed, in order words, whosoever believes in Jesus shall not be ashamed because it is Jesus that connects us to the father, and we can only relate to the father through Jesus Christ, and relating to the father through Jesus Christ has to do with faith, you need to have faith that the word must be manifested in your life, God loves faith filled people that is why the bible talked about Abraham as a man of faith.

The scripture help us to understand how faith works in the lives of individuals, the book of genesis talked about Abraham that even at a hopeless situation, he still believed God to do the impossible, and turn things around for his good, he never doubted God, he lived his life according to the principles of faith, he feared God always, and still reverence Him even at his own old age, he never gave up for once, that is why God wants us to study His word, to learn from His prophets of old how they believe him strongly, and live their lives following his instruction, without doubt, they live their lives for God, and so God blessed them immensely. Today, God wants us to have strong faith in Him to move mountain and cause changes in our lives and also in the lives of other people, so those people can trust Him to do wanders in their lives, God is a faith God because He formed the earth with faith, so as individuals or Christians, we should cultivate the habit of living our lives by faith, because that is one of the principles of success, and when you have faith, you can do things ordinarily you would not like to do and things of which can lead to your success because faith is success. From the beginning of the bible till the end has to do with faith filled people, except only on few occasions when the bible talked about those that did not believe God, and they did enter in to the promise. God wants us to live our lives according to faith.

According to the bible, elders obtained a good report by faith, means only the spiritual in the body of Christ obtained a good report by faith, now do you know today as born again and spirit filled believer, you can obtain a good report by faith, and you can also touch the lives of people through Faith. The word of God is faith, now studying the word of God as a believer, means we are studying faith and its principles, because the word makes us to understand how we can live by faith and achieve notable result, Gods word is perfect, and it is the solution that we need in life, and we need to come to the understanding that faith principle is what we need to operate as an individual, ministry, or an organization, for faith is power. Today, you find so many people in situations or challenges, it becomes difficult for them to get out of such situation, if only they will have faith, and learn to trust God to turn around things for their good, and if only they would exercise faith, by speaking faith filled words, because the words of faith are like magic, they can turn things around for good, this is the way we need to operate in life, to always have positive thinking, despite the state of the economy, you can live by faith and expect a change in the economy, we can also live by faith and expect healing in our bodies, because God operate by faith, so we need to live by faith, because faith is the victory.

  • The bible talked about the story of Absalom and King David, and when you read through  the scripture, you will discover that Ab’-sa-lom was king David son, the bible recorded that Ab’-sa-lom waged war against David, inorderwards, Ab’-sa-lom fought his father, and when you study further, the bible recorded that David went through a lot of temptation in the hands of Ab’-sa-lom,  he took over all of David counselors, in order to capture David his father, David had strong faith even while he was mocked by people, that Ab’-sa-lom his son was about to kill  him, the situation was tough but he trusted God to fight for him, and when you study further the bible recorded that God gave David the victory, Ab’-sa-lom was killed and then he won the battle. This is what God wants us to do, he wants us to always have faith at all times and in every situation and when you study carefully the story of David and Ab’-sa-lom you will realize that throughout the battle that David was calm throughout he never gave up knowing fully well that God was in control, God wants us to have faith in him because only faith can take us out of every situation because faith is the victory, faith gives us assurance, so being a child of God though accompanied by many temptation, but having strong faith in the midst of these temptation, will make us to be ahead in life, this is Gods dream for his children, and also the church. God wants the church to be strong and tough because that was the reason Jesus came to die, so that the world would have faith through him, and so we can exercise faith to become the man or woman He God wants us to become.

Some years ago, I was faced with challenges, but I noticed each time I spoke my fears, things weren’t working out the way it ought to be, but I realize something, each time I spoke faith filled words, the challenges was just bread for me, I could see myself always happy, and before long, God gave me the victory. This is what God want for every one of us, to operate by faith, and then have the victory, because without faith we cannot be victorious. In our work with God, faith is topmost importance, for without faith we cannot win any battle, so God want us to have strong faith all the time so we can continue to be winners for Him.

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