The Purpose of Christmas


Firstly; what is Christmas, and secondly, what is your own definition of Christmas?

Christmas means celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, more also, it means recognizing the coming in of the savior of the world, it means redemption, and it also means freedom, that is why each season, you will always find people that have not been really active throughout the year, now active when it comes to celebrating Christmas, suddenly they decide to come out and have fun, do some shopping, and then send some portion to the needy.

Christmas is all about celebration and giving, this is what Christmas is suppose to entail, but most people don’t see it this way, they are only concerned about themselves, and this ought not to be so. Christmas is the season whereby we all have to shun the years struggle, and then decide to make merry, and not just ourselves alone but also ensure that others make as well, and more also rendering a helping hand to the needy and also ensure they hear the gospel.

The purpose of Christmas is to let people know how God loves them, and that they need to celebrate the birth of His son Jesus Christ no matter the challenges that they are facing. This is why Nehemiah 8 vs 6, says  and Ezra speaking to the people saying, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and then send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

It is important that we recognize the words of Ezra, and then put it to work. This Christmas season is a season of joy, celebration and also giving These are the words of God, that is why God is not a man and that He should lie and He cannot be mocked, God’s word cannot be driven to the ground, this is because, He created man, and He knows all the thought of him and this was why He sent Jesus into the world. The bible recorded that the seed that God deposited inside of Mary that formed Jesus Christ was the seed of God, and more also the seed was a very special seed from God, that was why Jesus was the way he was when he was in the earth, he was intelligent, smart and always knew what to do at every point in time, and the bible recorded that at a very tender age, and he was found seated with teachers and governors, he thought them the words of his father, and they learned so much from him, all of these were already spoken concerning him, and that  was why the book of  Isaiah 9 vs 6 said For unto us a child is born and unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder, he shall be called Wonderful, counselor, and everlasting father and  the prince of peace.

Despite the words of the Pharisees and the Sadducees’, he thought God’s word, and he healed the sick, and also raised the dead by the power that God had deposited inside of him, he was never tired of preaching about his father, and every were he went, he kept doing good and he kept feeding the multitude, and more importantly, he became poor so we might be rich;  2 corinthians 8 vs 9, what more can be said concerning Jesus Christ, he is the reason for the season and that is why we have to celebrate him from time to time, and also ensure that we keep studying about the miracles he did in the bible, this is just because, several people read about those miracles, and they became free from bondage and death, and this is only because that God has programmed his activities while he was in the earth to be so, those activities were not ordinary, and has stood in test of time, so it is important that we take advantage of this season, preach the gospel, and then render help to others; this is only when we will be celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the reason why we have to celebrate Christmas; he is the reason why people have to travel far and wide to have quick celebration and be joyous, he is the reason why people need to take vacation and then decide to relax this season, but when doing all of these, we need to put Christ in our heart, because he is the reason why we are doing this, he is the reason for our lives, and he is the reason why we keep having the grace to overcome all of life’s challenges, so we being Gods children, it is important that we keep recognizing what Jesus Christ came to do on the earth, his mission, and his ministry, though he lived like a man, he was never a man, this is because, he was programmed to save the whole wide world, and also that the world might know who He is, and then begin to reverence him by having constant fellowship with him from time to time. So as Christians, it is important that we recognize this season, and not just making merry, and then sending some portion of food to the poor, but more also singing praises to God and especially singing carols passionately at this point in time. This is what God expects from us, because most Christians forget this aspect of singing carols during the Christmas season, they get themselves so work out and don’t even remember to sing carols, or even play it in their houses, not knowing that this is very important and powerful.

In the book of 2 Kings 3 vs 15,  the bible recorded that Jehoshaphat and the king of Israel were preparing to go for war, but they were skeptical because they weren’t sure if they might win or not, but they needed a Prophet who could reveal to them concerning the battle, so they made enquiring of Prophet Elisha. The bible recorded that and as they found Prophet Elisha, and before Elisha could reveal to them the mind of God concerning the matter, he said but now bring me a minstrel, now that minstrel means a singer, or rather a good singer, and the bible recorded that when the singer sang, the power of God came upon Prophet Elisha, now ordinarily, Prophet Elisha would have prayed and then be able to connect the mind of God concerning the matter, but on this very occasion he decided to get a singer to sing so he could hear the voice of God. and when the singer sang, he then was able to disclose the mind of God concerning the matter, so this Christmas season, the spirit of God expect us to sing carols to Him concerning the birth of Jesus Christ, and while singing, we need to reason why Jesus was born and also what he came to do in the earth, and with this, we will be seeing the full picture of what God wants us to see this season. So, it is important that we take advantage of this, making melodies unto the Lord and then trusting Him for His guidance and protection throughout this season, and also throughout our lives, and as we do this, we will be fulfilling our ministry as  Christians and also as the children of God. A very merry Christmas to everyone, God bless you.


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