The teachings and healings of Jesus Christ.

Scripture Mathew 19 vs 1 3.

Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should put his hands on them and pray, and the disciples rebuked them.

Vs 14, but Jesus saith unto them, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

And he laid his hand on them and departed thence.

The same question that Jesus answered, and then he taught about it, they still repeated the same. And the bible says and Jesus departed thence, which means he went further to teach.

And when you read downward, they still asked him couple of questions, asking him who is good in the kingdom of heaven, and then he read out the ten commandments to them.


Now what do we learn from Jesus teachings.

1. We have learnt to be patient.

2. And even if people are shunning down what we are doing and then making us feel as though we don’t know what we are doing, we should still keep at it.

3. It makes us know the mind or thought of people from time to time.


It is important that we understand why God brought Jesus Christ to teach His word, it  was to make men have the knowledge of Him, seeing that the serpent that decieved Eve was beginning to gain entrance in the heart of many, and then the only way to stop this mystery was to send His son Jesus to teach His word, and then bring freedom to Mankind.

Today, we have pastors, teachers and ministers of God’s word, and should they not teach the word just as Jesus Christ taught the word and then proceed to healings, they should, they should obey their calling and then continue from where Jesus stopped.

All people all around the world especially Christians it is important that we have revrence for God’s ministers, for they answer to God, just the way we have employees answering to their employers. God employed them to teach His word.

Before Jesus came into the picture, looking at the Priests answering to God was so difficult, and then you would hear God telling them what to do with the sacrifice that the people gave, sometimes, God would tell them keep part of the bullocks and leave it on the alter for maybe three days or as the case maybe, and then burn the entire sacrifice, while some, God would instruct them to eat just little part of the sacrifice and then burn the rest, and it went on and on before Jesus came into the picture.


Today, there are changes, as regard what God want His priests to do, but it is important that God’s ministers adhered strictly to the recent rules following the comming of Jesus Christ.  For this what would prepare God’s ministers to be contious of the fact that Jesus Christ is comming again, and He is comming to look out for those that has trusted in His name, those that accepted him as their Lord and saviour, for this is God’s plan for His children, and then as they wait for the comming of His son, they would then stand as a living epistle to their world.






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