Happy new year everyone, God has been faithful right; The word[ Rhema 2021] came to me this time on the 7th of February 2020, quite early; I was busy with my laundry outside when the spirit of God moved pass me, I was a bit surprise because usually, when I am busy with my laundry, I don’t see the spirit of God move pass me in such manner, but I continued with what I was doing, then suddenly I heard the voice of God said to me, The word  [2021] then I said what! but why today, it’s too early, and we are still trying to enter into the new year but I didn’t get any answer,


God said to me write this down The word Rhema [ 2021 ] the year of Grace, then I said again what! and then instantly, the spirit of God started explaining to me what grace is all about, then He said I mean divine grace, not just grace [unmerited favour] as you know before, but this time divinity (grace  untold), and grace that cannot be explained and grace accompanied with divine power, this is the grace that my children will need in 2021, and then He gave The word Rhema for the next three years, at this time, I was through with my laundry and it was towards in the evening, now I was calm to hear what God has to say, but why The word Rhema today, and then I checked the date, it was 7th of February 2020,


and then I wondered why the seventh day of February and then why The word Rhema for the next three years, I still didn’t get an answer and then God said to me, you remember the story of a man who left his wife and children and then went to a far country to live so he could make ends meet then I said yes because I actually remembered that true life story that man had travelled to a particular country to live with his younger brother but when he got there, there was no job, and then he eventually pick up an appointment of a security in a very big supermarket, and then he worked there for three years, then one day, someone went to  his younger brother and said to him; I saw you when you brought this man to work in this supermarket, but I knew you were not aware of what happens each night here, because if you were aware, you wouldn’t have brought this man here to work, but I have watched this man for years and I never saw what usually happen here nightly, and then this man’s younger brother said what usually happen here nightly, and then the man smiled and then said, do you know that each night armed robbers rob in this supermarket, and then kill securities, most people know, and that is why this supermarket had to offer huge salary and then employ new securities daily, because at night, robbers kill each one, but since you brought this man, I have seen him ever since, and from the very first day you brought him till now, this supermarket has not experienced any armed robbery attack, but why is it so, the man said, and then the younger  brother of this man was shocked to hear all of these from a stranger.  Now looking at this true-life story, what comes in mind?

  1. Why the killing of each security every night in this supermarket?
  2. Why suddenly did the armed robbery attack stopped right from the first day this man got this job in the supermarket?

Now there are two questions to derive here, and the simple answer to these questions is [ divine grace] and this divine grace was what stopped the armed robbery attack from the very first day that this man walked into that supermarket. Divine grace stopped him from being harmed, it stopped him from being killed, imagine having food poisoned for two people, the first eats the food and it is affected by the poison, and then the second eats the same food, and the poison in the food doesn’t have any effect on the second fellow.

We are talking about the same food here, and this is what divine grace is all about [ divinity that is resident in the lives of some people, and it is not present in the lives of some others]. We need to understand how divine grace works, not everyone has it, it’s a divine gift from God, and it is for Gods special people, and that is what we need in this year[ 2021], and that is what the spirit of God said to me. So I noted all of these down, and then my question of why`[ The word Rhema 2021 ] came to me on the 7th of February 2020 was finally answered during the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, and then God said to me you see why I gave you The word Rhema for the year 2021 on the 7th of February, and then I said yes. And then He said, I gave you The word Rhema for 2021 and also The word Rhema for the next three years so I can secure the lives of my children because I knew there will be a pandemic, so bringing this Word to you before the pandemic will start is a great victory, I have already declared my Word before the Pandemic will start, and my word will stand even during this pandemic. So I was amazed because finally my question was answered. These are the words of God, and God is not a man that He should lie, and He is the authour of the lives of His children, and He is the creator of the whole wide world.

God created man for a purpose, not to live in a way that pleases him, but to live for others and also for himself, and this was why He sent Jesus Christ into the world to show forth who He really is, but today, not everyone understands this fact, they live their lives just the way they want, and they don’t care about others and treat people as though they were not created just the same way they were created, but if only they knew that they have to live right for the sake of themselves, their family, and also others, they will do nothing other than being the right person that they ought to be.

This year [2021] God is speaking to all of His children to live right, in order wards to live a just life, not just carried away by what they see others achieve, and then doing everything possible to achieve just the same, all of these are vanity and vexation of the spirit[ Ecclesiastes 2 vs 11]  God  wants us to continue to do the things that pleases Him in this year 2021, and as we live our lives for Him, He will bless us and then give us the desires of our hearts. Happy new year once more and God bless you.

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