Welcome everyone into a glorious and a happy new year, it’s been a whole year, and God has been faithful, and then looking back at what the Lord has done, and the battle He has fought, and then still looking back at past occurrences, you could tell that the spirit of God has so much to communicate to us, and then we can be greatful to Him for what He has done and for what He is yet to do.

We all remember in the last year’s Word Rhema 2021, how I said that the spirit of God gave me revelation on “the Word” for the next three years. So I already had the Word for this year, but didn’t put it into writing early enough, and you all should guess when I wrote this year’s message, well I wrote it on the 21/12/2021 this was because, I already had the message within me, and then the spirit of God didn’t prompt me to put it into writing.

Now let’s proceed, how has been the year, looking at the pandemic and all the trauma that is accompanied with it, anyone can tell the recent state of things, and the big question of why and how wouldn’t stop comming from the lips of many. This year’s is going to be different because God is going to be bringing in expertrate all around the world to detect more of these germs in the cloud, and we all know what came about this pandemic, excessive germs in the cloud from wherever over a long period of time, and then these germs began to form lumps and lumps of cloud, though for so long God hold up these lumps ( germs) for years, because of His children, but there is no way those lumps can be held back continually by God this is because waste keeps entering the cloud, and this was why the pandemic occured many years back, and then people didn’t understand where and how, and then these lumps dropped on surfaces, public squares, malls, buildings, and then people began to cough or better still have the symptoms of Covid. That was why I said earlier on that God is going to be raising up expertrate to detect the germs in the cloud, and then you would probably have some leaders in various continents of the world, maybe they have a second thought to the pandemic, as regard reducing the number of people in the world, and then causing people to do what they want inorder to bring high mortality rate. Well God has been in the business, we could leave everything for God right, and we all remember how God destroyed the earth with water during the time of Noah, and then the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, so God knows how to do His job. So leaders of various countries all around the world shouldn’t for any reason not give their support for the fight of the virus, for hundred percent support is needed from the government.

Now let’s come to the word for the year. Wow! Wow! All children of God, I know you all want to know the word for the year, hmmm, this year! am like taking a break, hahaha yes! Well, this year is “the year of upliftment” and then God would begin to uplift His children seeing what they’ve been through because of the pandemic, and we all know how the economy of various countries fluctuated and then businesses collapsed, God is going to be cleaning the tears of many this year, and then they would be amazed at the victory that they would accomplish.

Let’s look at this scripture Zechariah 4 vs 6. It reads, then He answered and spake unto me saying, this is the word of the Lord unto Ze-rubabel saying not by might nor by power, but by my spirit saith the Lord of Host. Looking at this scripture, it means, not by power would anyone get things done this year, nor by might, but by God’s spirit. This is the key scripture for the year, which means the spirit of God is going to work hand in hand with His children, and so they could accomplish all they want to do, and then back to the word for the year, which is “the year of upliftment”, and can we begin to imagine the joy of being uplifted, the joy of seeing our loved ones being uplifted, and then the joy of seeing the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, teaching the gospel  to so many standing strong no matter the opposition, or whatever it is be ready to learn from teaching the gospel, which would lead to minds getting changed, diliverance taking place, and the house of many turning to the house of God, this is the Word for 2022, God’s servant not relenting, putting more effort to help people by preaching the Word to them, children getting saved, and are understanding God’s word, for this is what the Lord want, and then leaders of various continent just acting in the way that the spirit of God want them to act, all for a specific purpose. This is the word for the year. And then on serveral occassions while posting daily on the site, and partly Facebook, I could analysis the Word for the year as led by the spirit of God.

And then following the activities of a child of God, our normal prayer life shouldn’t stop, and then our spiritual activities that we are involve in where by we hear God speak to us from time to time shouldn’t stop, because all of these is why we would accomplish this year.  This is what we should take note of, and then live our lives inorder to ensure that we dwell in that upliftment.

So, now comes the new year with new resolutions, new aspirations, but for some no new aspirations, just comming from 2021 to 2022 is what they have in mind, and even at that, they would be uplifted, uplifted in whatever it is that they have sign out to do as God’s children. For this God’s plan for the new year. Now we see, this year is much more arranged by God, and so He could fulfil His promise to His Children. So everyone especially God’s children, let’s open our hearts to the things of God and so we could experience His awesome presence in a tremendous way. So let’s look forward to a very wonderful and glorious 2022. Stay blessed and do have a happy new year.




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