Treasures, means expensive and precious properties that are being kept and admired from time to time. Now what is our treasure as Gods children? Our treasure is suppose to be the word, the gospel and everything that is related with God, and most of all heaven. Our treasures should be all of these, but most Christians don’t see it this way, they spend their time acquiring expensive jewelleries and properties as treasures, not putting God first. God should be our top most treasure here on earth, we should have the things of the kingdom, because as we do, we are storing up treasures where moth and rust can not come in,  and having the assurance that our reward is in heaven. It is important as Gods children to admire the things of the kingdom, we should not be carried away by the things of the world, because worldly things brings distraction, especially when you are a serious Christian; the things of the world, if not handled carefully can cause you to be separated from God, it can reduce or even terminate your spiritual growth in Christ.

It is essential that we don’t allow the blessings of God distract us, because God, most times give these blessings, not to worship them, but to stand as a proof that He love us. So cherishing the earthly treasures that God has given to us, and then neglecting the main treasure that God has for us which is heaven, is wrong. God created heaven for His children, He created it for those that are righteous, and those that has decided to give themselves to Him. So we should never neglect the thoughts of heaven and then spend time cherishing our expensive treasures here on earth, if there is anything that we should cherish here on earth is the word, the gospel and the things of the kingdom, we should never cherish our expensive properties, we might admire them which is right, and be grateful to God for giving us the treasure, but we should not let it take over our place of worship, or allow those treasures take over our minds so much that we become distracted in the things of God, we should be appreciative, but not letting those appreciation turn to worship.

 Gods desire for us is to be carried away by the things of the kingdom, and not to be carried away by worldly possessions, we should learn to pray and fast as the need arises, not thinking of what we have acquired, we should learn to practice the things of the spirit, not minding any form of distractions around us, and by doing this, we are connected to the spirit of God, and are ready to hear from God. God is a spirit, and we should learn how to serve Him in spirit and in truth, we should always be cautious of the fact that He owns all the blessings in the world, and can decide to take away whatever it is that is causing our distractions from serving Him, that is why it is important to give our time to God more than giving our time to earthly treasures.

Over the years, people store up treasures and properties, hoping that those treasures and properties will be for their generation, but when they were gone, their next of kin, got all the treasures sold up, not minding how it was acquired, so it is important, that we store up treasures in heaven, so God will recognise us. Our good should be felt by people, and we have to try as much as possible to render help to people before storing up earthly treasures, because as we do He God, will ensures that He blesses us more, and then keep for us treasures in heaven. People in the world do not understand what it means to store up treasures in heaven, where rust or moth don’t enter, it means giving your time, your money and your efforts in the things of God without murmuring, it means giving God all you have before thinking of yourself; Though most Christian do this, not every Christian does it, they don’t give their time freely in the things of God and they don’t give their money either, they prefer to acquire properties and treasures here on earth, not thinking of what tomorrow will bring and thinking of what might happen to them. It is important that we give God our best, because that is the only way we will have treasure that will last forever.

The word of God shows what the kingdom of God is like, it is worth more than earthly treasure, and precious properties, it is what you see and then decide to sell off all your earthly possessions in order to to acquire it, just because of how precious it is.

The kingdom of God is very important to us as a Christian, it is what we should long for, we should crave for it, that is why we are being committed to the things of  the spirit, it is the reason why we attend church services regularly, just to be able to achieve Gods kingdom, that is why Jesus said, in my father’s house, there are many mansions, so staying committed in the things of God, is what God require of us. Most Christians don’t fully understand the purpose of God for His children, they don’t get to know why the scriptures talked about commitment in the things of God, and because of this, they live their Christian lives just the way they want to live it, so it is important that we Christians learn to believe the word of God, and also learn to practice what we believe, and then ensure that we lead many to Christ, and still make them to believe what we believe.

Throughout the earthly ministry of Jesus, he spent more time on preaching on the kingdom of God, he explained that the kingdom of God is liken to a grain of muster seed, that is sowed, but when it is fully grown, its tree becomes the largest of all trees; in essence, what he was trying to say was that our commitment to the things of God, though little at the beginning, when we stay at it over a long period of time, our benefit will become enormous. This is what God intended from us Christians, being committed to the things of the spirit, and staying on the word, and doing what the word says. It is important that we live our lives, just the way God wants it, storing up heavenly treasures that is much more important than earthly treasures.

Christianity is all about, rendering services in different department in the house of God, but most Christians, find it difficult to render this service, just because they are carried away by earthly things, and are moved by those things, not knowing that they are being deviated from their spiritual blessings. In our dealings with God, we should not deal with Him as a mere man, we should give Him all reverence because He is the God of all, declaring the end from the beginning , He is the owner of all the spiritual wealth in the world which manifest to physical, He is the God we should give all respect and honour to, so forgetting about this God and then spending our time on things that will not benefit us is very wrong, because all these things come from the same God, the creator of the universe, He is the only God that can give all of these things without measure. The bible talked about how God blessed King Solomon, the bible recorded that he had so much gold, and gold was nothing during his time because of its excesses, inorderwards Solomon had excess in gold and precious stones, in all of these, he was never distracted in serving God,

Looking at the scripture and also reading about Solomon, you will notice that God greatly blessed him, he acquired so much treasures, and as if that was not enough, God still sent people to bring him numerous gifts and those people knew that he was a wealthy man, and they knew that his wealth was from God in vs 5 of the book I King 10 the bible said when the queen of Sheba saw Solomon’s glory, his ministers and their apparels and and his ascent by which he went up unto the house of the Lord, the bible recorded that there was no more spirit in her, inoderwards, she passed out seeing Solomon’s treasure and wealth, and she then believe more in the God of Solomon God is the God that gives wealth, and it is His desire that we serve Him no matter the treasure and wealth that we have, or the wealth or treasure that He has blessed us with, we need to know Him more, serving Him at all times with Diligence and sincerity, so we will be expectant of His great and precious promises that He has kept for us. So we need to live our lives for God, because this is what is expected of us that are called by the name of the Lord, because we have been separated by God to do His work, and we are owned by God, so doing the things that pleases God is what is required of us so we can be blessed any day and anywhere and having the assurance that we will enter the kingdom of God to the full glory of the father.

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